Creative FLARE

OK, so hands up if you’re still Christmas shopping.  Be honest now.  Yes, I thought so, me too!

I don’t have masses of people to buy for – so for me, it’s even more important to get my family and friends something I know they will treasure, something personal and maybe even totally unique.  What this means of course, is that high street shopping is out, and the hunt for that perfect gift is ON!

If you’re facing the same dilemma and you’re in the York area this Sunday, I’m going to play at being your Christmas Angel and let you know about FLARE, my very favourite craft fair in York, which holds it’s final market of 2010 on 28 November.

Whether you’re on the look out for a small stocking filler or are planning on pushing the boat out, if you Y homemade, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something special.

There’s a glorious selection to choose from, including ceramics, brooches and buttons, prints, photography and textiles – all handmade of course. Frankly, the FLARE poster below only gives the merest hint of all the gorgeous treats you can pick up….


…….and since you’re asking, I’d be the opposite of disappointed to find one of these fabulous crochet scarfs by Donna Taylor under the tree on Christmas morning………

Donna Taylor's Curly Wurly Crocheted Scarves
Donna Taylor's Curly Wurly Crocheted Scarves
Enjoy! x

Toot toot, yeah….beep beep!

Tommy Camper!
Tommy Camper!

Any lover of vintage will tell you it’s rarely just one type of style that gets us hooked.  Nope, generally speaking, anything with character and unique style gets us all hot and bothered!

I especially love it when people are really passionate about getting other guys and gals to bring a little vintage into their lives – and nobody (other than myself, obviously!) could be more passionate than the lovely ladies over at the newly launched Manchester Camper Vans.

In their own words, Laura & Danni LOVE Camper Vans and as of this week, they’re spreading the love with their super dooper new van Tommy, who as we speak is receiving some lavish attention as he’s going through the final stages of his restoration.  Bespoke wooden interiors?  Yes please!

If you fancy getting away from it all in style (and really, who doesn’t?)  drop them an email or become Tommy’s friend on Facebook, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be disappointed!

Well done guys and beep beep to Tommy! x