Something Old V Something New: Part III

Our final Something Old V Something New post takes a look at a boutique that’s been featured in Vogue and The Guardian, whose business ethos is to recycle and reuse.  Paula Fry, owner of Love Is Boutique, says she loves the fact that clothes from years ago have a sense of history that you just don’t get on the high street; “We don’t always dress top to toe in vintage ourselves, we just enjoy adding a bit here and there, whether it be some jewellery, a dress or a jacket to add spice to your regular clothes. It adds interest to your outfit and get this, no-one else will have the same!”

Love Is Boutique is a designer dress agency and vintage boutique in the heart of Kent – but they also have a big online presence, selling via their own website as well as trading on the ASOS Marketplace – re-wearing and re-selling pre-loved and vintage fashion is their passion.

Paula says; “We style a lot of ladies for weddings and although we don’t sell vintage weddings dresses, we dress a huge amount of wedding guests or women looking to get married in something a little different! Maybe a 1970’s maxi dress or a silk slip from the 1930’s teamed with a mink wrap – the world is your oyster if you have some imagination, the confidence and a little guidance.”

“We stock head-pieces, amazing jewellery from the turn of the century to the mid 1950’s, vintage dresses and beautiful vintage evening bags, as well as designer handbags, day wear, outer wear and evening wear.”

Paula believes that choosing something vintage for your wedding day just makes the whole event more personal and special to you.  She is always happy to source pieces for clients if she doesn’t quite have what you are looking for and also offers a free styling service – what’s not to like?!

You can follow Love Is Boutique on Twitter and Facebook – just click on the links on the website to see what they’re up to. You can sign up for their newsletter via the website too and keep up to date with their fabulous vintage goings-on!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts this weekend and agree with us that Something Old Rocks!

Got recommendations of your own you think we should know about?  Drop us a line to hello (at) and share the love!

Katie xx



Something Old V Something New: Part II

Continuing our weekend of featuring fabulous vintage suppliers, I’d like you to show some love to L.O.V.E. Bouquets, two lovely ladies based in Manchester, who I think combine the best of old with new, in the form of their beautiful vintage bouquets.

L.O.V.E. Bouquets is owned by Natalie and her mother-in-law Sheila, who decided to go into business after making Natalie’s bouquet for her own wedding in 2009.  Natalie says; “I posted pictures of the bouquet on a wedding forum and so many people got in touch to find out about it that we decided there must be a demand.”

The pair admit to spending lots of time in antique shops all over the UK (I’m outrageously jealous!) and are always on the look out for pretty vintage items to include in their masterpieces.  But, says Natalie; “We also encourage brides to send us any vintage items that have sentimental value to us so we can incorporate it into the bouquet along with pictures of loved ones or even a small watch pendant for the bride who hates to be late!”

LOVE Boutique pride themselves on using high quality crystal, fresh water pearls and vintage brooches and buttons, and you can see how much hard work and love goes into making into each bouquet on their website.

Personally, I’d be tempted to take Natalie’s advice and include some of your own jewellery – just imagine being able to wear part of your bouquet on your 30th Wedding anniversary.  Quite honestly I can’t imagine anything more stunningly romantic.  Can you?

Thanks for reading and kisses to our lovely contributors Natalie & Sheila of L.O.V.E. Bouquets – I do hope it has left you feeling suitably inspired!

Want more? Come back tomorrow for Part III of our Something Old V Something New…….

Katie xx

Something Old V Something New: Part I

We think that ‘Something Old’ can be incorporated into just about every aspect of your wedding.  Not only is vintage a way to ensure your wedding doesn’t really date (join me, why don’t you, in an 80s meringue dress collective shudder), but it also means your wedding can be different from all the other weddings you’ve attended.

Now, we could talk about ourselves and our love of vintage china, but there are so many amazing suppliers out there who can help you create a vintage vision that we wanted to talk about them for a change and prove that Something Old is so much more creative than Something New.

To illustrate our point, we asked three vintage aficionados about why they love vintage so much, so if you’re looking for inspiration, read on to find out more and find out what inspires them.  Check back tomorrow and on Sunday for more vintage vision!

To get things started, I asked the lovely Penny of Junk Shop Bride for her top 10 hints on planning a vintage wedding…..


1. Family Treasures

Weddings are all about sentimentality, so why not revive some of your own family treasures?  It’s worth asking family members, especially grandparents, if they have any genuine vintage pieces to add precious touches. My nanna recently gave me an antique oil lamp that she and my grandfather had bought from a dealer in their early years of marriage. I couldn’t help but imagine how perfect it would be placed beside a vintage typewriter on which guests could leave their messages! (Photograph courtesy of Tino&Pip Photography)

Family Treasures
Family Treasures

2. Be Inspired

A blank canvas can be a little daunting! The best advice stems from a principle of interior design… find one piece such as a painting, swatch of fabric or a brooch and use it as the basis for your colours and theme. Match all subsequent finds to that one inspiration for a consistent overall look to your wedding. (Photographs courtesy of Sweet Days&Roses)

Be Inspired
Be Inspired

3. Dig Deep

Dig deep! No item is the same when junk shopping so you have to be thorough to avoid missing a treasure!  Unlike high street stores that take hours perfecting their displays, most antique stores and especially boot fairs are an eclectic mess, which makes it easy to miss hidden gems.  Take plenty of time to look everything over. If in doubt, ask for help and be prepared to haggle too! Don’t rave about the item or tell them you are going to buy it – it’ll be too late to ask for a discount. Oh, and always keep antibacterial gel handy! (Photographs courtesy of Three Potato Four)

4. Mismatch

It goes without saying that you are unlikely to find complete sets of items such as chairs or bottles, but that is the beauty of vintage! Don’t be afraid to mismatch your treasures. It is a stunning look and adds authenticity to your vintage theme. (Photograph courtesy of Mike Larson Photography)

5. Vintage Sizing

The sizing of clothes is not consistent throughout every decade. You may have heard that size 6 Marilyn Monroe would be a 10 or 12 by today’s standards. I can’t stress how important it is to try before you buy! If you find something on Ebay for example, make sure you double check the sizing with the vendor before you place your bid. If when you try the item on, it’s too small, you could resell it. If it’s too big however, it may not be a lost cause- it can usually be taken in and tailored depending on the fragility of the garment and its construction. (Photograph courtesy of Tino&Pip Photography)

6. Early Bird

To get the most coveted items at boot fairs or antique fairs, the old saying rings true. Take a leaf from the dealers’ books, they get there when the gates open. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and take a large holdall or bag otherwise you’ll end up with reams of carrier bags straining under the weight of all your new-found treasures! (Photograph courtesy of Tino&Pip Photography)

7. Upcycle

Many vintage or antique treasures may need a little tweak to restore them either to their former glory or simply to fit in with your wedding theme. Don’t dismiss a beautiful item because of a little wear and tear- that’s part of the charm! Reusing treasures is not just about being green; it’s about celebrating history and sentimentality! (Photograph courtesy of Artemis, source Junk Shop Bride)

8. Get Creative

How special to have some of your own creations to adorn your wedding!  If you’re not one of those that can just pick up a pair of scissors and a needle and create a fabulous ball gown, don’t panic- there are plenty of step-by-step guides on the net to hold your hand! Junk Shop Bride has featured two so far; Create Your Own Heirloom Bouquet and The DIY Pillowcase Bridesmaid’s Dress! Junk shopping is a great and inexpensive way to test the waters for a craft or sewing project – experiment and learn!  A new coat of paint or a little tailoring works wonders! (Photograph courtesy of Artemis, source Junk Shop Bride)

9. Ebay

The frustrating thing (to some) about boot/antique fairs is that they don’t have a search facility! If you are not a fan of trawling through endless amounts of crap to unearth a treasure, Ebay should become your new best friend! There are however a few things you should consider. To save time and disappointment, have Ebay email you when something relevant is listed. Enter your search term in the top, right corner of any page. On the results page, click “Add to Favourite Searches,” tick the “e-mail me daily” box and click “Save Search.” If you find something you really like, check out the sellers profile for similar items that may be closer to your ideal as well as of course seller’s feedback. Read the item’s description carefully. Note what it does not say and email the seller to clarify the description if necessary. Try searching with a few misspellings. A mistake on the seller’s part could prevent a bidding war and mean significant savings for you! Post your bid at the last possible moment before the auction closes. If you get into a protracted bidding war that could run up your final price. When you win your item, print out a copy of the auction page and compare it with your purchase when it arrives. (Photograph courtesy of Vintage Computer Museum)

10. Cherish

Selecting items that you can reuse in your home, such as dining chairs, picture frames, brooch or button bouquets, is another fabulous way for your day to live on and I suggest choosing a photographer who will capture all your little treasures. Most importantly, cherish every detail and every moment of your big day- it only happens once in a lifetime! (Photograph courtesy of Noaki Jewellery)

Thanks for your fabulous words of wisdom Penny – Something Old knocks spots of Something New – FACT! x

Junk Shop Bride

Dreaming of Summer

I am so very fed up of the cold, aren’t you? 
Most people love December – spending time with family and friends, over eating, watching the snowman, insert your own nostalgic reference here, but January?  Meh.
Well, I might not be able to sit in the back garden sipping mojitos and flipping through country living quite yet, but I see no reason not to plan for the days when I can!

I dream of afternoon teas with parasols, of dinner parties that start at dusk and carry on til the small hours, of trees and pathways lit by candles, of blankets draped across chairs for when it’s too cool to stay out but you’re having too much fun to go in……..oh hurry up won’t you spring!

There are some frankly amazing images out there and loads of ideas to make your own.  I could spend hours and hours trawling the internet ooh-ing and ahh-ing over tea parties, picnics, and a whole host of spendiferous things.  I keep them all in moodboards so I can flick through them when I’m planning events or helping people with their weddings, or, on days like today, just dreaming. 

During the day it’s all about florals for me, but when it comes to evening…. well, it’s all about the candles, of course!

Here are some of the pics making me feel warm inside – turn up the heating and enjoy.

My perfect Afternoon Tea – chat, florals, bunting!

 Summer Afternoon Tea

 Decadent evenings under the stars…..

 Supper Under the Stars

Image credits for Afternoon Tea from top left:

There’s no such thing as too much bunting is there – these are from Not on the High Street

Good lord I want to be here – amazing supper set up on Visualise taken from a feature on Duet Weddings

Pretty lunchtime table setting (and many more if you follow the link!) from Lisa Dawn Photography

There’s something about this that makes me think of country fairs – it’s a Laura Ashley photoshoot shown on Maggie Moon Interiors

A day bed strewn with cushions and throws – perfect for lounging around in the sun, from House to Home

A quick snap taken by moi at a party hosted by a friend in their gorgeous garden last summer!

Caravan Chic on My Deco


Image credits for Supper Under the Stars from top left:

It’s been blogged a million times before, but I so want to host a party like this!

Just love this colours – so much so I pinned them

Love the lighting on this outdoor dining idea on Room for Dessert

Love the easy-to-achieve simplicity from Re-loved Rubbish 

Jam jar lanterns from Make Do & Mend – Make some!

Logs for seats!  Sweet idea from Space for Inspiration

Incredibly gorgeous and vibrant image of a dessert table (complete with paper crane curtain – wowsers!) on Ruffled

 I love Moroccan tea glasses – they’re great for puddings or to use as vases, but I especially like to use them for mojitos!

and finally, some pretty little violets in a Hello Vintage birdcage, so sweet for table centes