All the Fun of the Fair!

I really can’t think of a better way to spend a day than pottering about at an antiques fair.  I love finding ‘lost treasure’ and imagining who might have been the proud owner of the lovely things displayed higgledy piggledy on the stalls of the dealers.

On Friday, we got our vintage fix at the frankly huge IACF Fair at Newark, where there can be anything up to 4000 stall holders!  I suspect the insanely windy weather we’ve had over the past couple of days kept quite a few people away, but there was still a lot to look at and we acquired all sorts of lovely pieces which are now of course available for hire.

We can often pick up real bargains at antiques fairs because we can see beauty in things that other people’s eyes would skim right over.

These saucers and cake plates, for example, were missing their cups, but we think they’ll be lovely as tiers on one of our handmade vintage cakestands.

We also found some lovely square cake plates – perfect for a bride with a passion for deco!

Sadly,  for every treasure we bring home, there are about a hundred we have to leave behind – we’d need a stately home if we bought everything we loved!  Here are just a few of the fab things we wish we could have given a home to….

How glamorous are these suitcases?!  Travelling in this kind of style would ensure adventures – very Agatha Christie.

Made us feel very patriotic – original WW2 union jack bunting!

Love the spines of old books, so much prettier than boring modern ones

I want to eat ALL my meals with mother of pearl cutlery – even breakfast!

Hope you like our pics and feel inspired to do some hunting of your own

Katie xx