Well, we ooh-ed, we ahh-ed, we shed a little tear and sipped champagne to toast Kate and Will and wish them the very best for the future.  It was a lovely day and great fun to watch – but what does it mean for weddings?

Kate & Will exit Westminster Abbey, courtesy of The Telegraph
Kate & Will exit Westminster Abbey, courtesy of The Telegraph

Big events, especially weddings, tend to influence styles and tastes over the following years, and this really was The Big One!  There were lots of terribly chic details to pick up on, so we thought we’d share our thoughts with you on what we think you’ll be seeing at stylish weddings over the next few years.

The dress

Kate's Sarah Burton Dress
Kate's Sarah Burton Dress

We knew there’d be sleeves and we hoped she’d go for lace, but what we didn’t expect was such a structured number.  It was such a beautiful shape and suited her so perfectly.  Now, we’re sure she choose it because she loved it, but it must have crossed her mind that people would want to copy it – and boy will they!  The sleeves make it extra wearable and it had a really timeless look to it – the Grace Kelly comparisons were absolutely justified.

We asked vintage wedding dress expert Linda Davey of Dresses at No. 9 what elements she thinks we’ll be seeing in wedding gowns after seeing Kate’s stunning dress;

“Well, as we’ve just had an enquiry for a Catherine-inspired dress, I think sleeves will make a comeback along with covered shoulders. However, we’re already in the process of working on gowns with these elements as we speak, which were designed weeks before the royal wedding took place, so perhaps this reflects a wider trend for brides.

“One of our clients in particular said how excited she was as the gown we designed and are in the process of making for her was similar to the top of Catherine’s dress!”

The cake

Fiona Cairn's masterpiece
Fiona Cairns' masterpiece

The thing that struck us most was how detailed the wedding cake was – an incredible amount of work no doubt went into it by the very talented Fiona Cairns.  It was very traditional in style and of course, all whites.  We asked top cake maker Claire Weir at Just Darling Cakes (who made the cake for our Royal Wedding shoot back in March) what changes she expected to see in requests from her brides.

“Fiona Cairns created Kate & Will’s cake using the Joseph Lambert technique which involves lots and lots of intricate piping.  It’s a look which could easily have seemed dated but was anything but.  She managed to make it look gorgeously contemporary whilst retaining a classic elegance which is sure to be popular with today’s brides.

“I’ve already had my first Royal wedding inspired cake ordered for a July 2011 wedding and I cannot wait to get to work on it!”

The flowers

Kate's Bouquet
Kate's Bouquet

Kate’s bouquet by Shane Connolly complemented all the other style aspects of the day perfectly.  Understated, chic and quintessentially English.  Touchingly, it also included lots of flowers that were meaningful to her and her new husband, including Sweet William (are there any other flowers with men’s names? We couldn’t think of any except Ragged Robin…….!), a sprig of myrtle from a plant used for the Queen’s bouquet in 1947 and Lilly of the Valley – meaning ‘return to happiness’.

We think, as with the cake, that there’ll be a return to simple, predominantly white bouquets – and hopefully that people will be inspired to use British-grown flowers.

The details

There are lots of ways to pick up trends form the Royal Wedding for your own special day without a Royal budget, here are a few of our ideas……

Take tips from Grace Kelly’s oh-so-chic wedding

Simple floral and table arrangements speak for themselves

Following Pippa Middleton’s amazing dress, get yourself an uber-glam maid of honour – remember Charlotte York’s bridesmaid’s dress in SATC?!

Two cakes – one for the bride, one for the groom!

A focus on vintage pearls and jewellery.  The Queen lent Kate her tiara, so ask your relatives if they have anything that could be your something borrowed (and your something old of course!).

Veils.   Come on ladies, it’s the only day you’re going to wear one, so embrace it – you don’t have to cover your face, but if nothing else – think about the amazing photos you might get!

So that’s what we think – but what do you think?!