The Travelling Parlour

A rather self-indulgent post from HV Towers today I’m afraid, but it is our blog and we’ll talk about ourselves if we want to.

We love what we do – we get to shop for pretty things.  A lot.  But our favourite thing is when we get to meet other people – we love meeting couples for the first time, we love seeing people on the day of their wedding, we love bonkers hen parties, we love them one and all.

So we thought, we should do more of this, more meeting people, more laughing, more making people happy.  So that’s what we’re going to do.

It made sense to us to incorporate other things we love too – good food, beautiful spaces and just a hint of secretiveness and naughtiness and so it was that The Travelling Parlour was born!

We’d sort of been aware of supper clubs for some time, mainly because of the awesome Ms Marmite (AKA Kerstin Rodgers), whose book Supper Club, Recipes & Notes from The Underground Kitchen  has proved such a huge inspiration to us in planning this new adventure.  Even if you’re not planning a supper club it comes highly recommended as a great, heartwarming read!

Firstly, we realised we wanted a logo that would encapsulate all of the ideas that were being furiously emailed, we we called upon Natalie Ramsell of super cool designers I Am Nat to step in and make design sense of it for us.  After many barked instructions, including ‘ Make It Look French!’ and ‘We Like Grey, Y’Know, French Grey – It’s Like French Pink – Sort Of Grey!’ (eh?) , Nat has dreamed up our perfect logo, and here it is (looking both french AND Grey!).  We love it.

‘So what next?’ we thought. We love cooking, we do – but it would be overestimating our talents by quite a lot to suggest we’d be capable of producing a several-course-supper for quite a few strangers without out heads exploding, which frankly, we felt would put a bit of a dampener on the whole affair. 

Luckily, we know lots of brilliantly talented chef types who keep bringing all sorts of exciting ideas to the table, including our friend, and owner of Love to Eat, Louise Brogan-Hewitt who we’re teaming up with for our first event in October (we talked about her here).

And now for the plug:

We’d absolutely love you to come along to our very first super supper club event on Thursday 27 October in York, which is part of the fringe programme for the Illuminating York festival. 

Here’s our menu:

Tickets are £45 per person, dress code is black tie with a twist.  Our venue is…….well, you’ll have to book to find that out won’t you, but it does have fancy lights, as proved by this picture I took on my iphone when we first saw it (I love hipstamatic, don’t you?)…..

So, if you’re a facebooker, do come along and like The Travelling Parlour page, and if you’re a tweeter, tweet us.  For more information and to book places, visit our page on the Supper Club Fan Site.

Hope to see you in The Parlour xx


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