So, this isn’t an other abandoned blog………

Four years can pass by pretty quickly, and that’s what has happened here.  Other things – other jobs, came along and took over, but, here I am, four years on, taking things in a different direction.

Spring feels like a good time for that, don’t you think?

Hello Vintage started as a way for me to work for myself, in the events world, having done similar work for other people before.  I always loved vintage, especially china, so working on weddings and the celebrations of others was a genuine pleasure.

But, of course, things move on, ideas change and develop and for me, that side of things has drifted away.

After four years of part-owning and running a bricks and mortar vintage shop, a need for more time and space with family and friends and an opportunity to do something different came along, which I took.  The love of vintage and antiques, of finding a treasure with history, or a scrap of fabric that will be just perfect for a particular project, or sourcing a piece for a customer that they’ve been searching for high and low, that’s all still there.

So, I’ll be starting to sell on Etsy and at fairs again, which is something that I’m hugely excited about.  The website is still the same (www.hellovintage.co.uk) and I’ll be listing the fairs I’ll be selling at on there, updating as I go.

For now, I’m simply going to enjoy my leisurely morning coffee, rearranging my office and sorting through my collections with the radio on in the background.  Bliss!







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