My love affair with pinterest

I’ve been on Pinterest for some time now – I signed up back when you had to apply to be a member……so, forever!  I’ve used it for Wedding Planning, Christmas Planning, Dinner Party Planning, Lists of Crafts I Will Never Make, Pictures of Chateaus I will Never Live In……. you name it, I’ve pinned it.

Unlike other sites, Pinterest is that rare beast, an almost entirely positive place to be.  Nobody questions your taste, nobody criticises – or if they do….you never know about it!  You are your own interior designer, event planner and head chef. You have no budget.

It’s coming in particularly handy at the moment, as we are currently working on the teeny tiny galley kitchen at my house and my lovely lovely boyfriend is spending his evenings fiddling about responding to my whims and generally being an incredible kitchen fitter, despite his day job being in IT! I am a dreadful assistant, more focused on paint colour and ‘the fun bits’ than making decisions on electrical requirements and whether or not I am happy with the length of various bits of wood, but, I AM trying and I can already see that the end result is going to be well worth the wait.  I am, as he likes to tell me, a lucky gal………!

I have already warned him that I am going to post pictures of it when it’s finished and I think he is secretly pleased, but in the meantime, I thought I would post some of the awesome kitchens that have inspired us along the way……

Classic subway tiles paired with oak worktops and cup handles – what’s not to love?


Open shelving against white walls – we were determined to let in lots of light, which means, for us, not putting up wall cabinets
Moving our fridge means we’ll have room for …..a pantry!  Heaven!  Although I doubt it will be as neat and tidy as this one.


I look forward to posting pictures of my own kitchen in the not too distant future – we have a little jaunt to NYC planned in the next couple of weeks (he’s right, I AM a lucky gal), so it won’t be until next month that we finally finish.  In the meantime, feel free to share your own kitchen successes below…….it will help to keep us motivated to finish our own project!

PS: Remember that episode of Ab Fab when Saffron is determined to make Edie chose a kitchen and Edie & Patsy end up going to New York on Concorde in search of door handles……..?  We can relate!


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