Trends for 2017

It’s that time of year when I receive a LOT of information about the key trends, looks and designs of the year.  No fewer than nine catalogues and show guides arrived on my doorstep this week and having pored over them all week, I am pretty excited about 2017, stylistically speaking.

I have to confess, my house is a tranquil, chalky sea of wevet.  I love it.  My kitchen is wevet, my hallway and stairs are wevet.  My sitting room and master bedroom…..well, they’re cornforth white, actually, but, like most of you, my preferred palettes range from white to grey and back again.  It’s soothing, it’s chic, it’s anything but boring as far as I’m  concerned and it provides a great backdrop for photographing our stock.

However……..I know I am far from alone in having revelled in all the gorgeously gothic-ish, bohemian velvet and lace that has been on the high street this winter.  One of my favourite buys last year was a velvet dress I bought at Monsoon which had its first outing on Christmas Day and is set to become a favourite, I can tell.  My mum had one of her beautiful antique wooden sofas recovered last year in a peacock velvet and even my minimalist other half found himself drawn towards a velvet sofa cushion in 2016 – his first ever cushion purchase, I kid you not.

So, I’m happy to say that decadent fabrics look like they’re here to stay, for a while at least and the really great thing, as far as I am concerned, are the sumptuous colours that designers seem to have rediscovered.  There are still all the greys and whites, yes, but now with flashes of deep plum and rich purple, I’ve lusted over kitchenware with cherry pink branding, tropical ferns and seen lots of bare wood everywhere, with golds and coppers and quartz, oh my!

Interiors themselves seem to be following suit – walls are being painted rich reds, deepest blue  -and even shades of black- with gay abandon and whilst it may not be for everyone, I see it as a natural evolution of ‘the feature wall’.  Suddenly all those deep brown rooms of the 1970s don’t seem so absurd, and in reality, it’s not so long since we were all rag-rugging terracotta all over the place like mad.  Incidentally, I am about to rid our house of the very last of the feature wallpapers – I am so very bored of those modern giants florals and even the cost of the wallpaper (it was eyewateringly expensive, I daren’t even say how much) doesn’t stop me from practically wrenching it from the dining room wall.

Basically, 2017 is looking like a luxury interiors magazine and I am a bit thrilled.  Of course, just because something has the look of luxury, doesn’t mean it necessarily has to have the matching price tag, so while there are some serious budget-breakers out there, you can definitely bring a little warmth and a sense of the lux style to your home without pawning your pearls.

So pop on some Kate Bush, crack open the Malbec and start dreaming in velvet……


Walls in Farrow & Ball Railings, No. 31, plus, what a lamp



Sanderson velvets in jewel-like colours



Beautiful pots, with just a restrained hint of metallic, handmade to order by


Navy velvet sofa at Anthropologie





Pink & Gold Agate Coasters, Lustre


Nkuku brass bowls – love the handbeaten finish


Concrete & brass lamp by Graham & Green





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